Every dog is individuum

We believe every dog is his own individuum. Every dog needs different food, different way of life, different exercise, different handling and care.

We make food just for your dog. We take all informations you know about your dog and make him or her menú. Customized and prepared with knowledge based with lots and lots of love.

Nutritional appropriated.

  • With consideration in health, we calculate and design individual menús.
  • The focus is longevity.

Dogs are our friends, our babies really. They just happens to have fur, and four legs, oh and a tail.

They are not just dogs.

  • They descended from wolfs (Canis), but are not wolfs.
  • They are biological similar with their ancestors, but are way different in their DNK.
  • They live with us, and eat what we give them, sleep with us, play with our children. They don’t hunt and pray. They are let’s just say civilized.

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Published by sandraisha

Founder and Dip. Canine Nutritionist.Mommy of two (one legged and one with paws).

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