We make food.


Carefully made with love.

We start with ingredients. When we get all informations we need about your dog, we make menú plans. Each menú is different and each is adjusted to meet your dogs nutritional needs. INGREDIENTS ARE HANDPICKED AND PREPARED.

Then, we cook what it needs to be cooked, to be as easy as it can be for your dogs tummy. In mean time we cut and cut and cut other fresh ingredients to be as small as your dogs teeth are, or as big as dogs foot prints, so it is adjusted to clean their teeth, naturally.

Next, we combine everything described in agreed menús. We gently mix the ingredients, so the dog will eat everything in his food bowl.

Now we can pack. It is packed in bags or pouches, which are suitable for freezing with easy opening.

Published by sandraisha

Founder and Dip. Canine Nutritionist.Mommy of two (one legged and one with paws).

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