Dog cuisine

Food for dog. Not dog food.

Only natural, human grade ingredients.

Every dog is individuum

We believe every dog is his own individuum. Every dog needs different food, different way of life, different exercise, different handling and care. We make food just for your dog. We take all informations you know about your dog and make him or her menú. Customized and prepared with knowledge based with lots and lots…

Ingredients are alive.

Fresh, local and bio Your dog needs real food. Real food is fresh, harvested in local area and preferably bio. Only food can significantly maintain the dog’s body. Food is alive. Real food is alive. We only use ingredients that are just that. Alive, fresh, local and bio. Why? Because we want only the best…

We make food.

MENÚ FOR YOUR DOG. Carefully made with love. We start with ingredients. When we get all informations we need about your dog, we make menú plans. Each menú is different and each is adjusted to meet your dogs nutritional needs. INGREDIENTS ARE HANDPICKED AND PREPARED. Then, we cook what it needs to be cooked, to…

Because they are our children.

We buy them toys. We buy them snacks. We take good care of them. They just happens to have four legs.

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making better world for dogs

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