Mení for your dog

Mení is combined with only handpicked, local and mostly bio ingredients. We need a few info of your dog and then we can make his own food.

What we need to know before we make food

Name, breed, age, sex.

Is he healthy, has special needs, allergies, teeth decay, what ever has impact on his health.

You want to feed him healthier, he needs to loose weight, he is going to a show, so he must look at his best. Or just maybe there is something he wont eat, and you know that for a fact, we would appreciate the help, so we can make delicious meals just for him.

Fish mení

Beef mení

Turkey mení

The menús has diversity, just like your dog does.

Mini breed(up to 1,5 kg)
Mení starts with 0,60€ per meal.

Small breed (up to 10 kg)
Mení starts with 1,30€ per meal.

Medium sized breed (up to 15 kg)
Mení starts with 2,30€ per meal.

Large breed (up to 30 kg)
Mení starts with 6,00€ per meal.

Big breed (up to 40 kg)
Mení starts with 8,10€ per meal.

Giant breed (up to 70 kg).
Mení starting with 10,40€ per meal.

We make the food in special designed kitchen, while singing and dancing.

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